Jeremy McAllister

I make things that work well.

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Things I Like

Clear Code // Intelligible and well-documented.

After trials by fire, I've learned how important it is to organize and document code for optimal clarity to avoid any future maintenance confusion (and subsequent bugs). It's quite frustrating to pick apart someone else's code, especially when that code may not make sense, be readily evident, or be documented.

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Forward Thinking // Charting a course

As needed, I feel it's a good thing to set aside an hour per week to compare new industry tech and decide a feasibly good time to test out a new framework, template, or implementation method.

Networking & Rapport // Cohesive Dev Team == Productivity

Getting to know my colleagues helps me to develop solid working relationships and very often results in a better workplace environment. Whether it's development, design, front-end, back-end, database, network or pure theory, I believe in keeping an open mind and an open line of communication.

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